1. 5 Healthy Diet Tips for Horseback Riders

    Horseback riding is a great form of exercise but it is also quite physically demanding so it helps to keep up your strength and endurance if you are going to become a regular horse rider. Exercise and diet in addition to your horse riding routine, are important. Nutrition and diet play a great role in helping to keep up your muscle strength and overall fitness levels and when you are horse riding …Read More

  2. The Benefits of Stall Boarding at Clover Hill Farm

    Horses are wonderful companions and they deserve the best care, even when there are times when providing your horse with the care that they need proves to be difficult. The last thing you want is for your horse to get bored or lonely. Luckily, if you live near Paris, then Clover Hill Farm can provide your horse with all the care and attention that they deserve. Our full-service stall boarding is t…Read More

  3. English Riding: The Foundation of Horseback Riding

    Learning to ride a horse is hard work and takes practice. Sure, it looks easy standing from the sidelines, but as a rider you need to have balance, strong legs and a sturdy core. From time to time you may fall off, but the saying “get back on the horse” is a cliché for a reason. If you’re interested in learning horseback riding, Clover Hill Farm is here to help. We love seeing a bond form b…Read More

  4. 4 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In Horseback Riding Lessons

    At Clover Hill Farm in Paris, our horse trainers love teaching young children the basics of horseback riding. If your children get excited at the sight of horses or constantly talk about how much they’d love riding lessons, it could be time to enroll them in a beginner’s horseback riding class. Horseback riding not only provides a fun activity outside of the home for children, it teaches them …Read More